Preparing for the Fall Equinox

This is a great time to set goals that bring new learning for inner exploration.  It is a time to renew oneself through introspection.  We can ask ourselves what do we need to let go of or what is old that can be discarded.  We note the harvest that we have by recognizing the gifts we have been given spiritually. Traditionally, this was a time of making amends, or sorting out any unresolved disputes, and of organizing ourselves for the winter to come.

This time of harvest, allows us to give thanks for the fruits that have been bestowed upon us.  Have you recognized all of the wonderful “fruits” that you have?  Take time actually write them down in a gratitude list.

photo by Lynn All rights reserved

photo by Lynn
All rights reserved


The Fall Equinox also provides you an excellent opportunity to give thanks for our blessings.  It is truly “harvest time.”  We can gather and store the earth’s energy in preparation for Winter.  It is a time to sink the roots underground in order to support the branches of the tree of life.


Look for more coming soon, with ways to prepare for the Fall Equinox event at La Bella Luce, LLC

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