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The heart is an organ which is central to the life of a human being. It pumps life-giving blood throughout the human body, infusing every cell with oxygen and nourishment. It is said that the brain is the center of human consciousness. The heart might rival the brain in this regard. Another way of viewing the issue is to say that the heart complements the brain. The heart and the brain collaborate to help our “self” generate our consciousness.

Many, perhaps most, of us “center” our approach to the universe in our brains. Oftentimes, the heart is relegated to a secondary role. Let us consider a possible alternative route to enhancing our consciousness. That approach is to center our sense of “self” on our hearts. This would not diminish the importance of the brain in our consciousness. Instead, it would augment the functioning of the brain, expanding the depth and breadth of our conscious experience. Interestingly, research as shown that heart transplant recipients often undergo a post-procedure change of personality. Oftentimes, the heart recipient’s personality begins to mirror that of the heart transplant donor. This is empirical evidence that the heart plays a central role in consciousness.

How might we go about trying to center our attention on our hearts? We meditate and quietly focus on this powerful organ. We feel it pulsing. We see if effectively and peacefully moving vital blood throughout our arteries and veins. We view the energy emitted by our heart pulsating outwards as it passes through our auric field. Out into our surrounding universe our hear-centered energy flows.

The energy generated by our hears is gentle, yet strong. It affects the people, animals, and plants around us. In the words of the popular Beatles’ song, “Love, love, love, all you need is love…”

Be the change the world needs, send love out into the world.

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Client Answers and Solutions

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