Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Have you struggled to find a psychotherapist who meets your needs?

Have the effects of trauma stopped you from finding pleasure in what you used to find as a normal daily living activity?

Are you finding yourself avoiding the things you used to enjoy?

Here at La Bella Luce we help people return to a life of happiness, allowing you to function once again by incorporating traditional psychotherapy with complimentary energy medicine techniques.

Psychoenergetic Healing blends conventional psychotherapy and spiritual healing.  We may talk about the issues you bring to our conversation, as you would with any psychotherapist.  We may also incorporate a multi-faceted approach by using one or more spiritual healing modalities.  These may include hands-on healing, energy healing, shamanic journeying, etc.  We may also use empowered tools such as crystals or essential oils.  We will work together to craft an individualized plan that fits your needs.

Sessions are available for individuals ages 2 and older.  Many of my clients say they expand their well being, increase their vitality, and experience joy.  They awaken to a lifetime of peace, passion, and connection with their authentic self.  They let go of stress, alter limiting patterns and discover their life’s purpose.

The healing path is a wonderful journey.  During your first appointment, we will identify the issues you wish to address and discern the practices we will use.


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