Ama Deus Healing

Ama Deus Healing

Ama Deus is a powerful, energy-based shamanic healing system that incorporates a series of ancient symbols, is heart-centered and calls upon the Universal Life Force.

This system of energetic healing was brought to us by Alberto Aguas from his studies of the Guarani (pronounced Gaur a nee) tribe. These are the natives featured in the movie ‘the Mission’ and are one of the oldest cultures still in existence in the world today. Living in the Amazon rain forests of central Brazil, the Guarani have always been very close to nature, thus it is easy to understand how their environment has influenced their spiritual methodology.

Although the system is similar in some ways to Reiki as it seeks to balance the energy centers within the body, the Ama Deus symbols are designed for more specialized actions than those used in Reiki.

Most of the techniques are visualized by the practitioner with the Third Eye, but the work can also be done using a hands-on approach. The system is based on the passage of energy through an effective channel created between man and Divinity, in other words an open gate for the Divine love, which works in us through the Heart chakra.


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