Chromotherapy is the treatment of diseases by exposing the client to color radiations, according to Ley Cantinho in her book entitled, “Companions of the Mind”

Chromotherapy is a process of readjusting a persons energy system by using the chromatic aspects of the sun’s colors. It is understood that as people we are energized by solar energy which is composed of different colors.

Each color correlates to a particular aspect of the sun and can function as “sedatives, stimulants, cauterizers, lubricants, coagulants, antiseptics, analgesics, dryers, absorbers, accelerators, fortifiers and anti-infectors…” according to Cantinho.

It was described in the teachings by Rene Nunes and used in various cultures including but not limited to Greek, Chinese, Tibetan, and Egyptian.   In recent times it is considered a natural medicine.


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