About La Bella Luce

“The Beautiful Light”

La Bella Luce, LLC  ™ is owned and operated by Lynn Luebben. Lynn brings intuitive compassion and a gentle spirit to connect with each individual she encounters.  As owner of La Bella Luce ™  she strives to work within each persons understanding, to bring healing to mind, body, soul and spirit. Utilizing both conventional and integrative medicine she empowers each client to participate in their healing.

Her Energy Healing Therapy training includes certifications as a Healing Touch Practitioner, a Reiki Master of the USUI lineage, and the Ama Deus method of Natural Healing.  She is currently working to become an instructor in Healing Touch.   Her sensitivity to subtle energies is augmented by her intuitive nature.  In addition Lynn’s curiosity has brought her to study Shamanism, and Crystal Healing.

She received her Masters Degree, with honors, from Northern State University.   She holds the Credentials of Ministry from the Universal Life Church, a non denominational world wide ministry.   In 2010 she was honored at the National ASCA Convention for her contribution to evaluating counseling programs nation wide.  She has worked for 40+ years in service to others.

Lynn states, “I’ve developed an eclectic approach that I employ to empower individuals to lead healthy, productive lives.  I am truly amazed by the inner strength of clients as they regain hope, gain insight, and heal.  I am thankful to be granted this opportunity.”


“Lynn has treated me for emotional and physical pain for several years with good results, but last week’s full body Healing Touch chakra tune-up amazed me.  Starting about 24 hours after the treatment, I felt less physical pain and far less emotional pain than I had in several months.  It’s now almost a week later, and I am still feeling stable and resilient, able to deal with the stressors that had been defeating me daily.  I am so grateful for this resource that has such a profoundly positive effect on my health and life.”      ~Jeri H-D

“I’ve been seeing Lynn regularly for the last year and consider her an integral part of my wellness care team!  I’m healthy, but when I feel off or in need of a shift, Lynn is the go to gal!  Her work feels fantastic and I walk away from my appointments with a huge shift to work into.  She’s very skilled and I love, with each passing appointment, watching/feeling her developments as a rock star healer!!!”                                           ~Erica H.

“With her psychotherapy background, Lynn offers a comprehensive energy medicine experience.  Her vast energy medicine repertoire is apparent in her confident approach.  I felt very relaxed and energetically expanded after my session with Lynn.”               ~Sheryl KG


Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church
Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Mentor
Healing Touch Instructor
Healing Touch Mentor
Reiki Master Teacher
Ama Deus Healer
Shamanic Practitioner
Master of Science Degree

Lynn Luebben, owner of La Bella Luce LLC

“Every day I am truly amazed by the inner strength of clients as they regain their hope, find direction in their lives and gain powerful insights”  ~ Lynn Luebben

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Professional Associations

Healing Touch Program

AHNA/CHNA Endorsement

ANCC Touch Program has been peer-reviewed, and is endorsed by American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA). We are proud to be one of approximately 10 programs endorsed by AHNA. We are also endorsed by the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association (CHNA).

NCBTMB Endorsement

Healing Touch Program is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider (#150588-00).

Energy Magazine

Healing Touch Professional

Healing Touch Professional Association.com