Autumn Equinox Celebration Sept. 25, 2016 at LaBellaLuce


Join La Bella Luce, TM

In Celebrating the Autumn Equinox


Sacred Fire Ceremony & Drum Circle

September 25, 2016

3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Register by calling Lynn at 414-640-4977


As the seasons change you can ask yourself whether you are receiving what you need to thrive!  Are you giving appropriately to others?  Do you get enough rest?  Do you exercise regularly?  Do you take time each week to “root” your feet into the earth?  What changes are needed to attain better balance in your life?  Take advantage of the Fall Equinox to answer these questions.

Preparation Step 1:  Make a list of experiences and achievements that you have had during the spring and summer seasons as a way of calling in gratitude for your life.  Thank Spirit for the richness of these experiences.  Consider what offering you would like to bring to the fire:  pine cones, flowers, leaves, twigs…

Preparation Step 2:  Take  time to journal.   What aspect of myself (habits, beliefs, patterns) am I ready to release that would benefit my heart and soul so that I may release that which no longer serves me?   We will add this to the fire to begin the process of releasing that which we no longer need.

Step 3:  Make a list of intentions.  What would you like to learn this winter?  Be specific.

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