Medicine Wheel

From ancient times on, “medicine” has been associated with health.  Native Americans utilized a device known as the medicine wheel in their sacred ceremonies.

A medicine wheel is a physical circular manifestation of the wheel of Life.  It helps us to heal ourselves by balancing our material aspect with our spiritual side, making us energetically whole.  The circle is a universal symbol which dates back to antiquity, representing eternity.  We are born, we grow, we age, we die and we are reborn:  the circle of life.

Typically, we construct a medicine wheel of stones.  Mother Earth formed the stones.  We place the stones in an inner circle, surrounded by an outside circle.  Four pathways of stones lead out from the inner circle’s center, or Creator position.

A spirit guide in the form of an animal is called a power animal.  Power animals help us to realize the physical and spiritual health benefits of our medicine wheel.